Shift XL Announcement

If you're reading this, you probably know by now that my puzzle game Shift XL will be released at the beginning of February this year for PC/Mac!

For those who have played Shift, this will be a super sized edition of the original game, containing all of the 500 levels of the original, with 400 more XL sized levels.

And yes, I will be selling the game for a minimum price of $1.99.


I have had many people ask me if there was somewhere they could donate, either through a donation button or patreon account. At this point I don't feel like I'm developing frequently enough to justify a subscription-based ask, as that wouldn't be fair to prospective subscribers. 

Releasing a super sized version through will serve as both a thank you to those who support me with a donation, as well as giving you a Shift release that you cannot get on mobile. I also feel like the price is low enough to convince prospective buyers to give the game a shot.

This will not be a one off release, as I will continue to make updates and respond to bug reports.

So if you haven't seen the trailer, have a look, and download the game when it comes out!

There will be a launch promotion when the game comes out, so keep an eye on twitter for updates!