game development

July Madness! Event Updates! Game Updates!

Hi folks!

A lot has been happening so far this Summer, so here's what's coming up:

- Shift for iOS is still underway, but unfortunately I hit some hurdles due to non-responses from a **certain** app store. :( Rest assured once the App Store approves the app, we'll be ready to go!

- Depowerball changes are also well underway. I will be at a lot of events for the remainder of the year, so if you have played the game, please provide some feedback!

On Sunday July 15th, I will be at the Microsoft Store in Yorkdale Mall for their first ever Indie Dev Day! I've had the privilege of being a part of a lot of first time events, and this one is promising to be a good one as well!

TWO DAYS LATER, on July 17th, if you are in the Ottawa area, you should head out to Caffeine 1-Up and participate in the first ever Depowerball TOURNAMENT! A freaking TOURNAMENT! How cool is that??? Due to distance I myself won't be there, but I'm sure I'll have some eyes at the tournament.

And finally, at the end of the month I will once again be at Conbravo! Depowerball will be making it's Hamilton debut, so come by the booth and say hello!

It's an action packed July, so we're going to finish it off in style! As I always say...

Let's have some fun.


Hiatus over, Summer plans!

Hi folks!

I had announced on twitter a few months ago that I needed to take a short hiatus from consistent social media updates, game dev, etc. The reason for this was one that I'm sure people can resonate with...

I got married!

Yep! The last few months were nothing more than wedding planning and marrying the love of my life! For those who have come out to previous events, you have already met her. And the next time you see me, I'll have a brand spanking new piece of jewelry on my finger!

Now that the wedding/honeymoon is over, it's time to catch up on all things missed and plan out the next few months.

I have some updates for Shift that are long overdue, and some other events that I plan on doing this summer. Keep an eye on the twitter machine for updates!

Details have been mostly finalized for two events, and I will be updating the events page accordingly, but for now...

May 4th,'s going to be a JAM.



New Year, New Goals

With the relaunch of the website, this also serves as a starting point for new goals for the year.

What can you expect:

  • The PC version of Shift is on its way. And it will be here sooner than you think.
  • And all iOS owners, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you.

2017 was an absolute blast, but to achieve goals, one has to be ready to work for it. 

2018 begins now.

Let's get to work.