Depowerball is the latest prototype co-created by Mega Power Games!

How much are you going to lose before you win? Step into the shoes of an animal robot gladiator and duel it out with up to three other players to see who can adapt the quickest!

To play Depowerball, the basic objective is to collect balls and deliver them to your dragon queen. You will have four abilities to aid you and help defeat other players. The player with the most points after time is up wins the round. Whoever reaches the round goal first wins the match!

Once a round is complete, the losing players will get to VOTE OFF an ability of the winning player.  The next round will begin with the winning player having fewer abilities than the rest. The first player to win three rounds wins the game!


Fast Paced Local Multiplayer Action!

Tight controls and balanced abilities means that all players will begin on the same level.

Gameplay is simple: grab the treats, deliver them to the dragon. Don't get hit. 

Win a round? LOSE A POWER!

Lose a round? Don't worry.

Depowerball allows players to vote away an ability from winning players! Sick and tired of seeing your buddy shoot everyone? Take away his or her gun! Someone too fast for you? Take away their speed.

Even the playing field and force other players to adapt!