Press kit - Depowerball



Mega Power Games

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Release Date

Prototype - May 7, 2018


Download Links

PC (Prototype) (



Platform: Windows

Number of players: 2-4

Have you played a game against someone and wished that you could take away the one damn thing they were good at?

Now you can.

DepowerBall is a competitive party platformer where the more you win, the more you lose. Compete against other players to feed the hungry dragon queen as you score points to win a set number of rounds. All players start a match with the same loadout. As players win rounds, losing players will vote to take away the winner's powers, making it harder for them to win (putting the 'Depower' in 'DepowerBall').

Because players' skills diminish as a match rolls on, you need to adapt and change strategies round by round in order to win. Game on!